Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Track

Hello All,

It has been sometime since I last wrote. I have made some changes in my life and I am so excited to share them with all of you. My biggest change is eating clean. I used to eat anything and everything. I am pretty sure my hubby and I were considered regulars at all the near by fast food and restaurants in our area. It was so easy and convenient with our very busy schedules. It became the easy way out. You know when you hear stories and people say "I hit rock bottom and knew I needed to change", that is how I felt with my eating habits. So here I am, and I am going to share my journey with all of you.

Previously, my blog was just geared towards fashion and seasonal styles, but now I plan to cover all aspects of my life. I love having a place to write my thoughts and experiences down, and share exciting things with all of you.

First things first, I started clean eating by following two amazing women from Karena and Katrina are so inspirational and really care about their TIU community. I love that all the ladies who are part of the community stay connected through social media. This really helps me stay accountable for my actions and eating habits day to day. You can share recipes, work outs & pretty much anything with out feeling alone.

In just this simple change of eating healthier and planning out my meals I seriously feel like a new person. I love waking up everyday and putting my work out clothes on and starting the day with a wonderful workout. Its so rejuvenating. Before I would sleep-in just before I needed to be at my desk to start my work day (I work from home). I had no energy and found myself getting irritated very easily. Now I wake up early with plenty of time to accomplish a solid work-out as well as prep a healthy meal for breakfast along with every other meal for the day. This allows me to have so much energy throughout the day, and I don't feel as irritable as before. I am certain that I can contribute this all to my clean eating and working out daily.

Do I cheat and eat junk?? Of course! If I want a cookie or ice-cream I will eat it. I have learned to listen to my body though, and when I get those urges I know what to substitute for sweet cravings.

For example, today I was really craving chocolate. Instead of grabbing cookies or ice cream I made a healthy chocolate banana smoothie.

which consist of:

1 banana 
1 cup of non-sweet coconut milk
6 small squares of cacao
5 ice cubes 
& topped with
coconut flakes & cacao shavings

Take a look at the picture below and see how yummy it looked. Just wait until you taste it!

 So like I said, my biggest problem used to be just grabbing the quick-fix, the chocolate cookies or the fast food meal around the corner. I have noticed now that when I eat clean, and listen to my body; I am less hungry and crave less fats and sweets. So, lesson to remember, it is important to know what your body is telling you!

Now that my eating habits are down to a regiment (and I'll admit it was a bit of a challenge) it's time to share my results with you!  So if you're interested then you'll have to dedicate yourself to a positive change, get ready to discipline yourself, and follow my blogs - I promise you'll see the result, but more importantly I promise you'll feel the results.

Our one challenge will be that we are approaching the best time of the year....the Holidays! And with them, all the seasonal sweets and dishes that are simply too irresistible to say no to!!
Well I'll show you the healthier side of things while keeping our sweetness!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions - I love to chat :)

p.s. try the smoothie recipe and let me know if you enjoyed it just as much as I did.

xoxo- Lauren