Friday, April 18, 2014

Splurge VS. Steal: Red Flats

Every girl needs a pair of red flats right?
 Ok so here is the deal... I keep seeing all over social media the red Valentino flats (left in picture), and I was like "wow those are cute let me look them up". YEAH NO! These bad boys will cost you $695!!! Now if any of you are like me I couldn't stop thinking about these flats. I knew I was not going to buy them at that price, so my search began. 

I really like the website Solesociety and I have purchased a few items on there before, so i began my search there.  You wouldn't believe it, I found a match! 
Guess how much these almost identical pair of flats are? Ummmm $49!!! Yes that is right only $49! 
Now to me these look pretty similar. Yes one is a deeper red color, and one has a strap, but come on that is a savings of $646! Ladies see you can find what you want at great price. No need to splurge on a pair of shoes. Use all that money for a few pieces! :)
Share with me some great steals you might have found, or maybe I can help you find a steal.

xo- Lauren

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